Day: August 21, 2014

Taking it easy on the coast

As the weekend approaches most are looking forward to it although its winter there is still a lot of people attracted to go to the main beach of Yeppoon. The attraction is not only the beach but the town is also right there where y0u could go shopping if you wanted to do so, everything is at your convenient and its no wonder why its so popular over the weekend


How many people would have technology today that can store data images?.

You take a look at the social media and you wouldn’t believe how many images, quotes you name it is posted online and that is only the social network media that you signed up to and there millions of others out there. Try to imagine how many are published in 1 minute, one hour or in twenty four hours. How many one person can posts in one day and by judging with the social media there is no limits. If these devices each holds 300+ images just imagine how many is out there today. It would be very interesting to know if one can try to estimate how many people around the world have devices that stores images in quantity?.
Wouldn’t you like to know?

We will never know since one has taken the time do consider it,
iphone samsung

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