What is blogging like for me?.

What is bloging like for me2

Tried the camera adjusting the iso to the right setting the focus or something else and just could not compare the simple hand device to the camera. Perhaps its just the simplicity of it that attracts me to the photography. There is nothing worse then having to rush and getting to setup in hurry if you want to use your camera asap. The fastest and simplest way is what you have and its very convenient when you need it and the it is the best way, you got to love that.

iPhone 12 Promax

Been using iPhone for couple of years now and I must admit that it grows on one. The camera is so powerful with the photos so clear and that is what I love about The promax 12. Used it more these days then the other cameras I have picking up dust😂. I suppose these past 2 years had been very hard for most of us because of the covid, staying in bubbles. Just can’t help but wonder when we are going to see nomalcy and what will be like in our future covid free world or will it ever be over??.

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