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Afraid to try and explore new things. Changes good for others, but for me it means creativity familiarizing new things and adapting to to changes can be overbearing. The changes are inevitable because no one can stop it. Moving forward and facing the challenges as each brand new day presents without worry and fear, moving on...

Cat Lovers

Trip to the outback of Queensland farm saw this wild one looking out from an old wracked truck, curious to see what’s going to happen. Sitting on a roof is the white colour collar neck with the yellow eyes one.

My Favourite Collections

Two years ago, I had a go at planting these varieties of flowers at my backyard, I was so thrilled with the results.

Beautiful Sunrises

Mornings are my favourite times of the day because of views like this, its just magical. Our towns main beach front with the stairs. Wreck Point is the Lookout with the magnificent views of the Great Keppel Island and the shot from the balcony.

Camerapro App Photos

Better and Healthier Gardens — Plants and Beyond-I really love this post, its beautiful.

~ Looking for a birghter and healthier home garden? How about these quick tried and true ideas? Photo by Maria Orlova on 1. Consider Your Drainage  To make your garden more healthy, it can be helpful to use raised beds to improve your drainage. You can purchase wooden beds, or construct them yourself with […]

Better and Healthier Gardens — Plants and Beyond

Oh Canada, where tall and shining maples grow! — 1000 Places and Memories-So beautiful

The past month was especially remarkable, as the Mother Earth put up her royal clothes, and spoiled us with thousands of colours, shades, and feelings. The whole nature basically metamorphosed, every day acquiring a new appearance as the fall foliage has reached its glory. There are many plants, bushes, flowers that changed their colours these […]

Oh Canada, where tall and shining maples grow! — 1000 Places and Memories

Day #2- 1 Single Red Rose

I had this particular rose bush for few years that was just growing and putting on leaves but never produce any flowers. I had thought that it would never have flowers, but it did, the one and only perfect red rose, sadly, it just died, it is my favourite reds. I just wish that I remember the name.

Thank you all for flowing my blog.

I appreciate you all for taking the time to view my posts, Happy Monday from my end.

Day #1- My Rose Collections

Outback Farm & Nature

A trip outback is always worth visiting family. A six to seven hours drive, which I am always looking forward to it. I am always the first one to go out looking at the scenery taking photoshoots.

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