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Afraid to try and explore new things. Changes good for others, but for me it means creativity familiarizing new things and adapting to to changes can be overbearing. The changes are inevitable because no one can stop it. Moving forward and facing the challenges as each brand new day presents without worry and fear, moving on...

Today’s Quote — Soul Gatherings

Do not pray for easy lives; pray to be stronger men. ~ John F. Kennedy ~ _________

Today’s Quote — Soul Gatherings

Found it at the dump

Trip out to the dump to offload waste around the yard and found this cuttings. I had no idea what its going to look like, I am happy with it.

trendy woman with lantern on pier near lake

Exciting Times Ahead

trendy woman with lantern on pier near lake

Taking a leap on a new venture which is a huge risk if you ask me . Whatever the outcome is, it is going to be okay, I had hoped.

So to get started on this new project, I have been searching for the right theme weeks. This whole new world opening up for opportunities out here is a bit intimidating. Few of the themes and features I tried wasn’t right for me. Long weeks of searching I nearly gave up, finally came across this one, I thought would be just what I needed, and so now the fun part begins.

Creating your perfect professional looking blog or the website. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero experience at all kind of like a new world for me, but it’s never to late to learn new things these days. So it comes down to this important part, “CUSTOMIZING”.

So, I gotta ask the question first, have you ever try to customize new themes, I am always afraid that if I had to try it, I might not do it right, well that’s me always thinking negative. Today, I learnt that you just gotta do it because there is no one to do it for you. So, I tried it and I must admit, it looks fine to me, maybe not perfect but getting there. No, not bad at all.

New announcement in weeks to follow, hope you are all looking forward to it as I am.


Beautiful color blue and black colour on bamboo tree branch.

Sleepless Night

What makes one wake up in the middle of the night and not go back to bed until morning?

Capriconia Coast

The central coast of Capricorn is one of many Queensland’s regions that has long sandy beaches. Pristine clear water is popular for visitors. About forty minutes boat ride will take you to Great Keppel Island where this shot was taken.

Pretty Flower

The colour is beautiful

Nature reflection on my iPhone

We sat down to have our lunch but I couldn’t help but myself so I decided to take a shot of it on my canon EOS M6, matches the coffee mug color.

Trial Shots

Had a great day out, old Courthouse and the Post Office in town. Clock tower is being maintained.


Today was the first time I was able to get of town after the Covid-19. All I can say is how good it was to be out there. Enjoyed every bit of it. Rockhampton Post Office on the corner of Denham and East Street Queensland Australia.

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