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Nature reflection on my iPhone

We sat down to have our lunch but I couldn’t help but myself so I decided to take a shot of it on my canon EOS M6, matches the coffee mug color.

Trial Shots

Had a great day out, old Courthouse and the Post Office in town. Clock tower is being maintained.


Today was the first time I was able to get of town after the Covid-19. All I can say is how good it was to be out there. Enjoyed every bit of it. Rockhampton Post Office on the corner of Denham and East Street Queensland Australia.

Happy Place

If you one of the early risers you might come to love some of these shots of the sunrise. Feeling the earth coming to life again each new day is indescribable, one word comes to mind”PEACE”, my happy place.

One of many human modes

Lazy mode not because I choose to be they made me do. Commitments, effort, and dedication have gone to waste I fear.

A beautiful closeup shot

Nature’s most beautiful creatures

Small and tiny flying from weed to weed looking for the feed and nectar, beautiful to watch.

Day before Halloween

Driving home from work on the eve of halloween, I tune in on to a radio station listening to the radio station talk host guy asked some random guy about what he thought about halloween. He answered not very Australian. So what do most of us think about Halloween?.

Meant to post this yesterday, my thought exactly😊

Close Ups Photo Shots

via Close Ups Photo Shots

Soooo much fun!

Fun at the lake

This summer it has been hot down on the coast and most people escape heat the to find cooler areas. Well this was fun for some of us.

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