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Magic effects


I love having fun with my photos with effects.  This one is a magic effect on one of my roses collection❤.


Photo mix and edits filtered effects creating the art. Learning to know what stickers or effect to use is fun.  #picsart.IMG_20170204_003833_830


It has been a long while

Lost fun along the way and picking up where it was left off.   Fun with the photography with lots of apps. PicsArt and Mix is way more fun.

IMG_20170203_230038_569                                                                    Its #picsArt Mix


What exactly is blogging about?.

Experience from SG5 was whole lot better then one could have imagine its images clear and easier.

Proud and true Aussie

Here is a very funny image and this is shared..good on you mate.



One of the extraordinary white tailed bird of Paradise in existence still can be found in Papua New Guinea and in the Highlands regions.


You can view the Galleries here on this website.


I did it my way

The song that has inspired me tonight to write this after i saw the quoted line posted at that particular time i was listening to the last line of ‘i did it my way’. It my was sung by one of the famous popular group…sure has very powerful lyrics.
Daily Blog Quoted
“What’s the first line of the last song you listened to (on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post”.

Taking it easy on the coast

As the weekend approaches most are looking forward to it although its winter there is still a lot of people attracted to go to the main beach of Yeppoon. The attraction is not only the beach but the town is also right there where y0u could go shopping if you wanted to do so, everything is at your convenient and its no wonder why its so popular over the weekend


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