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It was a cool day for December outside a beautiful bloom of frangipani colour ❤️

He couldn’t be happier

While out for a walk along the beach saw these two blokes pushing their bikes at the tip of the hill and on the rocky point on the sea shore. Rough and sharp surface waited and watched them struggling. It took a while and when they reached us, they said trail riding, I said to them bit rough there mate huh, yeah gotta keep me busy and I loved it😊. I asked this fellow if I can take a shot of him, he agreed so here is one of them.

Picking up the pieces 5 weeks after

I know we all go through loosing a loved one and it’s never easy, and when there is no one else but you alone life seem meaningless. Friends help you through and pretty soon you see a little hope. Here is me getting back into it at My Archer Lookout in Rockhampton.

Someone I love who uses WP Blogging had passed on and that had stopped me from posting here.

It hurts every time I try to do a post. Everyday I come home from work I would see him on his laptop and blogging. Tomorrow would be the 4th week since you left me and its still to painful coming back here❤️❤️❤️

Eucharis Amazonica

I am partial to these particular buds every year, although it flowers several times in winter the best buds pop up and always tempt me to take a shot of them.

Nikon Photo

If you grow it then its more likely to care for it from the start, and when it finally prduces something beautiful then you are satisfy with the outcome at the end🌱❤️❤️

Beautiful color.
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