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Rain, won’t you come another day?.

On the last day of work, I had worked out my schedule for the Christmas break up until the 4th January, 2021. Friday- Sunday (25-27th December chillout. Monday and Tuesday, mow the lawn and do some gardening. Wednesday and Thursday clean the house, then Friday to Sunday, rest and be back on Monday for work.

Tect Art

Without checking my local weather Forecast, I was so certain, I will finish my gardening on Tuesday. Waking up early on Tuesday morning, I looked out the window, it was a bad news all around, raining and it didn’t stop for a whole day.

Since the weather forecast was raining through to next week, I thought, I might as well buy some seeds and try planting them in summers sub tropical Climate weather and just pray that they will grow😊. My main fear was for the tinny seeds and that they will be washed away.

Some of the Flower seeds I soared

I also feared that they will never grow. Now, who plants flowers in Summers heat?. Lot of you are probably shaking your heads now. The way that I see it is that you will never know unless you try it☺️. So all I got to do now is wait and see if they will grow. Cheers for now, I hope that I can see you all next time with my backyard 🪴 results.

What is bloging like for me2

Tried the camera adjusting the iso to the right setting the focus or something else and just could not compare the simple hand device to the camera. Perhaps its just the simplicity of it that attracts me to the photography. There is nothing worse then having to rush and getting to setup in hurry if you want to use your camera asap. The fastest and simplest way is what you have and its very convenient when you need it and the it is the best way, you got to love that.

iPhone 12 Promax

Been using iPhone for couple of years now and I must admit that it grows on one. The camera is so powerful with the photos so clear and that is what I love about The promax 12. Used it more these days then the other cameras I have picking up dust😂. I suppose these past 2 years had been very hard for most of us because of the covid, staying in bubbles. Just can’t help but wonder when we are going to see nomalcy and what will be like in our future covid free world or will it ever be over??.

What can I blog about?.

Not so sure, so where do I begin?.

I know that I am not an experienced blogger like everyone else who has nice looking blog sites with lots of nice and fancy contents.  I was just looking for something to do as a hobby and came across this website.  One of the things that interest me more is taking photos, I am not talking about the most expensive camera and lenses, just what I had, my Smart Phone.    Version 3 which I use for everyday use.   Here is an example below the latest model.


When I had my first contract phone, I thought, wow!, I actually have a very cool phone. The phone only had limited space at that time and that I didn’t know what they meant by that. During my photo shots, sometimes I would run out of space and I would wonder why, smiling as I recall.   As the years went by, new phones and devices also evolved but this time very smart and sophisticated bigger than ever. When you actually know what devices you actually wanted to have, I have no idea which one is right for me.  You see, I have always relied on others to decide for me, finally, I thought enough was enough, stand up for myself and learn to do things on my own.

Samsung Galaxy 7 was out, and I actually thought 64 GB was for me. So one question was that, what am I going to do with all the photos I have?. I made up my mind to start blogging about them and so here I am pretending that I am writer, who am I kidding, but I gotta try to do this for myself. As I took more photos, suddenly it wasn’t good enough anymore, it was now time to upgrade for the bigger and better brand.

Upgraded To Apple iPhone

Most of these phones came with lots apps, some, we are familiar about and others we just don’t know what to do with them. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just had the time to explore all the apps and their features and blog about them?. I know for sure that a lot of people had know idea what all these apps are and what they actually do. Maybe if we all had the time we can just sit down and go through everyone of them, but not today, thank you.

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