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High Blood Pressure

A Lot of people are suffering from High Blood Pressure, and I am one of those people who is so afraid that if I miss a pill one day my blood pressure will just be so high. Been going to my Doctor for 3 months now and thought I have finally found the pill that works and now I am not so sure. Recently wrote the post on Facebook about my on going problem, a friend suggested to me to do some research for other alternatives of traditional herbal solutions, so far I haven’t found anything because I haven’t done any research yet. Is anyone out there having the same problems I have?.

Post Two
After all the temperament and bitterness, I have decided to do some research on how I can keep calm; I came across The Mumbai Times, I found out that Ginger tea can actually be calming, so I tried it. I felt good for a little while, but today I’m back to my moody moods. I also found this link on Healthline.

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This Christmas Was Different

This year was different, mother in-law passed away no Christmas tree, no decorations and I was at work the whole time. My house mate did his best on his own on a wheelchair to do a bit of food shopping for us. We ended up with a big lunch for both and plenty of left overs.