Most people love to travel even locally or abroad. Since the covid-19 started spreading this year everything came to abrupt halt. We stopped moving because it was unsafe to go anywhere else. For months we all stayed at home, can’t wait for borders to reopen. Since then we’ve seen on media what some people do just to pass the time. What was everyone else had to do to keep busy and not go insane?. I’ve been going through all my images, i found this lot.


45 kilometers ‘ drive up to the city is not really the safest thing to do at this point in time. Headed there anyway. Had a cuppa and some lunch too.

Having a cuppa

Traveling & Adapting in a New Country

Being born in a different country and settling down in another county is always very difficult. In February 1996, I first arrived in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia from Papua New Guinea. Adjusting to new things meeting new friends, and climatizing to the weather. Adapting to Australia’s way of life was foreign to me I found out the differences from my life back home because the food I am used to was so hard to acquire then. Having to leave my friends and relatives behind with my partner, learning which food groups I like and what I don’t like.

Living in Keiraville Wollongong in a 2 bedroom unit shared with my partner. He works during the week, so I find myself all alone feeling homesick, and most days, I would cry because I missed my country home and family. Two months later, I enrolled in a course with Workers Educational and Associates for 6 months, which was fine, but the one thing I could not stand was the cold in the winter. Eleven months in New South Wales were enough for me, so my partner and I packed all our things and headed north to “The Sunshine State Queensland”.

Curtesy of Google Maps Snapshot
New South Wales and Queensland Border.

My first time driving through Brisbane city from New Castle, New South Wales, was through the night, I recalled, and I definitely remembered this bridge.

Surfers Paradise, King Tide Apartments