Month: September 2021

The Coast

Beautiful Capricorn Coast with long white sandy beaches. Perfect beach scenery every day, what can I say, its PARADISE.

Phone Photography

One Word that describes it, Awesome.

Fitzroy River

Towns main supply right in the middle of the city. It is murky most of the time and there have been many crocodile sightings in this river.

Billabong Australia

On the outback of Queensland, it can be dry most of the times. On this farm where only there is water around, these lot flies here to get cooled off, Tara Queensland.

Happy Place

Beautiful shot

Beautiful scenry caption. Thanks to a good friend for a beautiful capture❤️❤️.

Favourites time of the Day is when the Sun is rising and setting


iPhone Photography

Spring brings out the best in nature🌿🍁🌱💖.

Noisie lot

Right infront of my bedroom. Trying to rest on a Sunday arvo is difficult😊

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