Month: December 2020

Happy New Year!

Rain, won’t you come another day?.

On the last day of work, I had worked out my schedule for the Christmas break up until the 4th January, 2021. Friday- Sunday (25-27th December chillout. Monday and Tuesday, mow the lawn and do some gardening. Wednesday and Thursday clean the house, then Friday to Sunday, rest and be back on Monday for work.

Tect Art

Without checking my local weather Forecast, I was so certain, I will finish my gardening on Tuesday. Waking up early on Tuesday morning, I looked out the window, it was a bad news all around, raining and it didn’t stop for a whole day.

Since the weather forecast was raining through to next week, I thought, I might as well buy some seeds and try planting them in summers sub tropical Climate weather and just pray that they will grow😊. My main fear was for the tinny seeds and that they will be washed away.

Some of the Flower seeds I soared

I also feared that they will never grow. Now, who plants flowers in Summers heat?. Lot of you are probably shaking your heads now. The way that I see it is that you will never know unless you try it☺️. So all I got to do now is wait and see if they will grow. Cheers for now, I hope that I can see you all next time with my backyard 🪴 results.

Day #2 Lavender Flowers

Nikon Photography. James Street Yeppoon Qld, Australia. A close up shot of lavender flowers in focused.

A days walk in towns on our main street with this caption, a herb planted as a hedge with two other varieties on the background.

Canarvon Gorge walks — 2slowspeeds

Visiting Canarvon Gorge, a national park 740kms north west of Brisbane,  had remained on our to-do list ever since we arrived in Queensland over 30 years ago as other places took priority.  What we got to see last week was out of this world but we would have like to have seen more with younger […]

Canarvon Gorge walks — 2slowspeeds

Angel’s Fishing Rod — Exploring Colour- I fell in love with this shot, its beautiful.

Dierama pulcherrimum, festive bell-shaped flowers. Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Christmas 2020 /via Nigel. Click on photo to enlarge.

Angel’s Fishing Rod — Exploring Colour

Guilty conscious during my morning walk conversation.

Rockhampton in Spring

Thinking back to when I first received my birthday gift present, I was so thrilled bout it that I could not wait to take my Nikon Camera out for a spin. Drove 45 kilometres and found this to take a shot at, and the same time still learning how the new camera and its settings.

Cat Lovers

Trip to the outback of Queensland farm saw this wild one looking out from an old wracked truck, curious to see what’s going to happen. Sitting on a roof is the white colour collar neck with the yellow eyes one.

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