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Afraid to try and explore new things. Changes good for others, but for me it means creativity familiarizing new things and adapting to to changes can be overbearing. The changes are inevitable because no one can stop it. Moving forward and facing the challenges as each brand new day presents without worry and fear, moving on...

Sign of Spring

Appreciate seeing the new shoots
Plants that have been dormant in winter are coming back to life with spring on the horizon with a closeup on CameraPro.

Eucharis Amazonica

I am partial to these particular buds every year, although it flowers several times in winter the best buds pop up and always tempt me to take a shot of them.

Nikon Photo

If you grow it then its more likely to care for it from the start, and when it finally prduces something beautiful then you are satisfy with the outcome at the end🌱❤️❤️

Beautiful color.

Can indoor orchids survive outside with some sunshine?.

Had two orchids, one pink and the other one whte. I had them for nearly 5 years, unfortunately the pink one died and the white one stopped having flowers and was nearly dead. Took it outside before Australian winter, repoted it and left it to catch a little bit of sunshine. Iam not an expert on how to care for the orchid or leave it out in a bit of sun. 😎Iam just so thrill with the out come. 😊 I just hope that it will get flowers on it soon❤️.

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