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Afraid to try and explore new things. Changes good for others, but for me it means creativity familiarizing new things and adapting to to changes can be overbearing. The changes are inevitable because no one can stop it. Moving forward and facing the challenges as each brand new day presents without worry and fear, moving on...

My home town at sunrise ❤️

One of the best spot I always love to visit, since he was gone everything went with him, I gave up😔💔.

It was a cool day for December outside a beautiful bloom of frangipani colour ❤️

He couldn’t be happier

While out for a walk along the beach saw these two blokes pushing their bikes at the tip of the hill and on the rocky point on the sea shore. Rough and sharp surface waited and watched them struggling. It took a while and when they reached us, they said trail riding, I said to them bit rough there mate huh, yeah gotta keep me busy and I loved it😊. I asked this fellow if I can take a shot of him, he agreed so here is one of them.

woman wearing brown shirt inside room

Where do you start after losing someone?.

Felt like I’m stuck and not moving at all, I woke up every day and my heart is breaking because letting go means losing him all over again. Everywhere I look reminds me of him and as he is just sitting there on his computer blogging away. The worse part of it all is missing someone suddenly you realize they are not coming back and that’s what hurts me the most, how do you move on forward when everything is so raw in your heart, it’s not so easy.

woman wearing brown shirt inside room
Photo by Felipe Cespedes on
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