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Afraid to try and explore new things. Changes good for others, but for me it means creativity familiarizing new things and adapting to to changes can be overbearing. The changes are inevitable because no one can stop it. Moving forward and facing the challenges as each brand new day presents without worry and fear, moving on...

Outback Farm & Nature

A trip outback is always worth visiting family. A six to seven hours drive, which I am always looking forward to it. I am always the first one to go out looking at the scenery taking photoshoots.

Day out on Great Keppel Island

Two years ago a work colleague and I caught a 35 minutes ride on Freedom Cat to Great Keppel Island with our camera bags, and these were some of the shots taken. My colleague taking her aim at the eroded sand dunes, my beach scenery overlooking the mainland, […]


We’ve had always been fascinated by the rural roads we get to drive in Ireland as the unknowns that come with each trip provide a visceral sense of completeness.  And, because a road trip to Connemara,  a beautiful and at times desolate area,  has been on our wish […]

Money plant- love it.

There are myths that you cannot kill a money plant (Epipremnum aureum), that it grows even in dark places around the house, even in a jar of water. … Money plant

Planning to Visit Greece? Consider Going to Crete for Beautiful Beaches, Incredible Hiking, and Less Crowds — runningtotravel-Paradise

Many people choose to visit Greece via cruise ship, stopping at the popular islands of Santorini and Mykonos along the way. Often cruise ships leave from Athens or also commonly from Rome or Venice in Italy, although there are a multitude of cruise options in this area. I […]

Some Interesting and Mesmerizing Places of Goa other than Beaches — From Traveling 2 fooding-Beautiful.

Goa is the dream place for every Indians and famous for its beaches but the fact is that only beaches are not the treasure of Goa, in fact Goa is having many more things to explore from nature’s to thrilling adventure and from happy shopping to delicious food […]

GARDEN DAISIES — Something Over Tea- Beautiful.

Flowers that fall under the generic term, ‘daisy’ are members of the largest group of flowering plants consisting of about 23 000 currently accepted species, spread across 1 620 genera. We find them in all sorts of environments, in different colours, and in various sizes and configurations. Despite […]

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