Most of these shots are taken around the yard apart from the waterlily or sometimes known as lotus and the Roses I’ve grown myself. The bottle brush tree is an Australian Native just outside the balcony provides the nectar to these birds.

Flowers were my favourites hobby

My very first phone was a Samsung galaxy 3 with limited space on my gallery. I get so frustrated because I can never take as many images. That was when I started taking pictures of the flowers and post them on my Facebook Timeline. At that time I didn’t realize you how my images looked, even then, I would post them. Gradually I began noticing how other people would have these beautiful images and their post looks so professional compared to mine. I feel so embarrassed just and I decided then to do my best to self-thought myself to learn how to take photoshoots. Change my phone to Samsung Galaxy7 with extra space and from there, flowers became my first hobby. After I had received my real camera I walk around my block just to take pictures. Below are some of my old collections.

Sunflower by the beach at Kemp beach one morning.
It wasn’t perfect because at that time I was only learning how to use the camera for the very first time, I even love the fact that it nearly reached the branch of a tree with the sea views and that for me was perfect.
Rose at the front of the RSL Building, again the angle wasn’t perfect but I love the fact that it has the blue sky background, that was my goal.

Mangrove bush by the water at Stanage Bay Queensland, Australia
Billabong with waterlilies
My garden flowers.
Begonia collection

It was a long break and it’s good to be back.

During the Covid Pandemic I took a little time to nurse my roses back to life since they were looking so sick. Since then I took the liberty of posting some on my gardening page with the WP Slide block.